June 1, 2020

To Our Valued Customers,

Thank you so much for all your help and for the many kind gestures expressed towards our work crews during the Covid-19 pandemic.  We are grateful that no one at West Cobb Sanitation has contracted the virus and that everyone within our company remains healthy.  We are also hopeful that you and your family members are have remained similarly healthy.  Going forward, the waste industry is beginning to slowly return to some form of normalcy.  Volume is still high, but we are seeing more moderate disposal with much of our community returning to work.

Going forward, daily schedules and routines will become more consistent with residential waste pickup.  Additionally, we will begin collecting up to 5 bags of yard waste per pickup/week.  Yard waste must be in the brown paper yard waste bags designed for this purpose and can’t exceed 30 lbs. each.  Be cautious of the rain as well as when you put your bags near the street since paper bags can get soaked.  Wet paper bags tend to fall apart when the workers attempt to load them in the trucks.  Please note, black plastic bags filled with yard waste will not be picked up. As well, if you have any bulk items you would like to have removed, please call our office before putting them out for pickup.  Contacting the office will help us to provide a more efficient and practical schedule for bulk item removals.

As you may know, restrictions were implemented during the first week of April due to the sheer volume of residential waste becoming so overwhelming. This was because most people in our community were working from their homes and no longer going to a separate workplace.  I want to share with you an example of our West Cobb Sanitation disposal bills from March and April.  Please see the chart below and you can see how residential waste disposal bills substantially increased.  During the height of the lockdown, disposal bills increased by more than 50%.  Keep in mind, the increase in disposal bills does not include other increased expenses such as daily wages, overtime wages, hazard pay, equipment, equipment maintenance, and general cleaning, etc.  We are proud of the fact that West Cobb Sanitation has been able to continue to provide tremendous service at no increase in cost to our customers.  I just wanted to be transparent and share an example of why some of the restrictions have been necessary.

West Cobb Sanitation continues to strive to operate in a way that best serves your needs and provides a safe environment to your family and our sanitation workers.  It is a privilege to serve our community.  As always, we appreciate your support and look forward to serving you in the future.

Steve Rogers
West Cobb Sanitation, Owner

Date Republic Advanced Westrock TOTAL
4/30/2020 19,061.07 3,550.05 1,154.30 23,765.42
4/15/2020 19,769.09 3,198.72 970.55 23,938.36
3/31/2020 24,292.84 4,774.56 1,561.35 30,628.75
3/15/2020 14,223.54 3,862.67 989.80 19,076.01
2/29/2020 12,168.93 4,471.74 1,006.60 17,647.27
2/15/2020 12,563.76 4,452.63 948.85 17,965.24