Our curbside co-mingled recycling program is voluntary and is $6 per month (with 65-gallon recycling rolling cart provided). Recyclables can be discarded together; they will be separated with an air-sorting process at WestRock Recycling Center on County Services Parkway in Cobb County. (Please note: our recycling program is curbside only, not at the house).

Recycling Schedule

Recycling is picked up on your trash pickup day in a different truck.

Items We Recycle and Instructions

  • Paper: newspaper, magazines, phonebooks and junk mail.
  • Plastics 1 through 7 (rinse and remove lids).
  • Aluminum, tin and metal containers (rinse).
  • Cardboard.

Please do not put anything in your recycling container that is not listed above.
We do not put your recyclables in the trash.

>> See a complete list of acceptable & unacceptable items <<

No glass after July 1, 2016As of July 1, 2016, recycling loads with glass in them will be rejected by WestRock and sent to the landfill.

Customers can take glass to WestRock Atlanta West on County Services Parkway for recycling, but glass cannot be delivered there with our other recyclables because glass broken in truck compactors is difficult to separate and can damage WestRock’s separation equipment.

West Cobb Recycling

In the past, the recycling center paid as much as $18/ton for recyclable materials; now WestRock charges us $32.50/ton tipping fees. The $6 monthly charge for recycling helps us recover some, but not all, of our costs for providing the service.

Demand for recyclables has diminished. As WestRock explains: “The industry has seen declines of more than 20% in fiber (paper/cardboard) value, while decreases in petroleum prices are driving plastics prices down from 30% to 50% on some grades of plastics.”

Accepted in Residential or Commercial Single Stream Recycling

Aluminum & Steel Food
& Beverage Containers
Aluminum Baking Tins Cardboard Boxes
Pizza Boxes
Kraft Paper
(Grocery & Lunch Bags)
Soda, Beer &
Other Drink Box Cartons
Shoe, Cereal, Tissue
& Other Packaging Boxes
All Junk Mail
Newspapers & Inserts Mixed Paper
(Calendars, School Papers & Other Forms)
All Other Paper
(Computer Paper, Phone Books, Books)
Magazines #1 Plastics
Soda and Water Bottles
#2 Plastics
Milk Jugs, Juice Bottles & Other Rigid Containers
#3 Through #7 Plastics
Bottles & Containers

NOT Accepted in Residential or Commercial Single Stream Recycling

Hazardous Waste/Containers Aerosol Cans Not Emptied Glass Bottles & Panes Bio Medical Waste & Containers
Construction/Demo Waste Materials Compressed Gas Cylinders Paint Buckets/Containers Tires
Ammunition or Firearms Chemicals or Containers Batteries Electronics
Garden Hoses Cables Food Waste Metal Furniture
Yard Waste Electronic Cases Wood Construction Debris
Liquids Plastic Grocery Bags Styrofoam Auto Parts

Trash & Recycle Bin Cleaning & Sanitation Services

ATL Fresh Cans logoWe highly recommend ATL Fresh Cans to clean and sanitize your bins. ATL Fresh Cans will clean your trash and recycle bins for you the day after we  pick up. This helps keep your family safe from harmful germs and bacteria that accumulate in bins as well as reduce pest and rodent activity around the area you keep your bins.